Feminists for Life's issue of The American Feminist,® 'Raising Kids on a Shoestring," builds on—and goes well beyond—our earlier resources that first appeared in 1994 and subsequent years.

Our new, comprehensive, national guide in magazine format is filled with free and frugal resources, smart and creative solutions, and support that pregnant women, expectant fathers, and parents deserve.

Topics include:

  1. Using the library effectively (It's more than a place to borrow books.)
  2. Caring for her during pregnancy, delivery and post-partum.
  3. Top Ten Dos and Don'ts for new mothers (A fun but practical list)
  4. Affordable adoption (Special sidebar: resources for birthmothers)
  5. Infant feeding recommendations
  6. Food and nutrition for the whole family
  7. Qualifying for public assistance
  8. Strategies for reducing health care costs
  9. Caring for children with special needs
  10. Clothing infants through adults
  11. Housing, furnishing and utilities
  12. "Living green, saving green" (It's cool to be frugal!)
  13. Childcare
  14. Transportation
  15. Education—for parents
  16. Money management
  17. Budget worksheets
  18. Recreation

Help is here. Read "Raising Kids on a Shoestring" online right now!

Everyone can use "Raising Kids on a Shoestring." Supportive family and friends as well as volunteers and professionals will also want this directory of practical resources and solutions. It has proven especially helpful for counselors whose expertise is specialized in one area, but whose patient or client needs a more holistic overview or other specific services.

What others are saying:

  • "Care Net is confident that Raising Kids on a Shoestring will prove to be an amazing resource for the thousands of women who visit Care Net pregnancy centers every year. Not only is it chock-full of ideas and practical advice on raising a family without 'breaking the bank,' it also delivers hope to women making life affirming decisions—a message that even less than ideal financial circumstances can be overcome with dignity and creativity!"
    Cindy Hopkins, Vice President of Center Services, Care Net

  • "Pro-choice and pro-life people disagree on much, but providing support to women with wanted pregnancies who are struggling financially is an area of real agreement. With Raising Kids on a Shoestring, Feminists for Life has given women vital information about support available as well as the confidence to know that, with just a little ingenuity, there are more choices. Finally, something we all can support!"
    Cristina Page, author of How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America

  • "This booklet is what feminists who are really FOR life do! They don't just tell you how great human life is. They help you with the daily business of caring for children's lives, and of helping women to understand that it's not only possible, but creative and rewarding!"
    Professor Helen Alvaré, Associate Professor of Law, George Mason School of Law; former Director of Planning and Information, USCCB Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities

  • "I just got my copy of Raising Kids on a Shoestring today and read it from cover to cover. I love how forthright it is—no fluffy talk—it just gets down to business! It is all good!"
    Wendlyn "Wendy" R. Spencer, Director, Pregnancy Resource of Shiawassee County (MI)

If you are able to support this major initiative, please contact us at KidsOnAShoestring@feministsforlife.org.

If you would like to place bulk orders at reduced rates, please visit Feminists for Life's Covetable StuffTM. An "activist pack" of 5 is $25 (plus shipping), and a bundle of 25 copies is just $75 (plus shipping).

Now is the time to provide this essential tool. When a person, a family, or a nation faces tough financial challenges, practical help and creative solutions are urgently needed. Families are really hurting. Women who are pregnant and don't know where to go for help are especially fearful that they won't have the support they deserve.

With "Raising Kids On a Shoestring" we can all help those in greatest need.

Because women deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life

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