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Paternal Support

Planned or unplanned, a father may need a moment when hearing the news of a positive pregnancy test. He may have his own fears or concerns. He may not know what the mother of his child wants him to say. So allow time him to absorb the news, just as women have when they learn they are pregnant.
Fathers are incredibly important to the mother of the child as well as their child. His active participation in their lives can enrich everyone’s in terms on many levels–including his own.
Without his financial support women and children are more likely to live in poverty.
Paternal Support

Like you, your baby’s father has both rights and responsibilities.

  • If you are married to each other, family counseling is available through private and government sources.ChildSupport
  • If you are single and do not plan to marry the father of your child before the baby is born, ask him to voluntarily establish paternity at the hospital when the baby is born. This will provide the basis of financial support for the child and visitation rights for the father.
  • If you are considering adoption, talk to a local adoption agency about what the biological father may need to do, whether he has been informed of the pregnancy, and how his actions may affect the adoption plan.
  • If the father will not accept responsibility for his child, get 
as much information about him and his family as you can, including his Social Security number, home address, work and home phone numbers, medical history, his parents’ address, and his mother’s maiden name. This will assist you in securing child support if you choose to parent, and your doctors should have this information for medical purposes. And one day, when your child has questions, you can provide some answers.

Since 1995, Feminists for Life has advocated laws to strengthen child support enforcement and protect women who are being coerced into abortion by threats to withhold child support. The father of your child may try to tell you that he will pay for an abortion but will not provide child support. The law prohibits this. Remember, no one has a right to coerce you into having an abortion—not your boyfriend, not your husband, not your parents.

Child support cannot be enforced until paternity is established. Consider contacting an attorney to protect your child’s rights, or call your local Office of Child Support Enforcement and your local Legal Aid organization.

We honor and support fathers as well as mothers who are in school, the workplace and at home. You may wish to read:

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